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Для багатьох професіоналів і аматорів виноробство стало стилем життя або цікавим хобі. Тож не дивно, що кількість невеликих господарств і виноробів-аматорів збільшується в усіх виноробних...

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Modern emulsifiers and stabilization systems in the production of oil-and-fat products

The contemporary market of oil-and-fat products (butter, spread, butter and cream-vegetable paste, margarine) is constantly developing and is very competitive. The manufacturers have to analyze the range of production all the time, improve its quality and consumer properties, and reduceits manufaсturing cost. To achieve the desired operational benefits, the enterprises use the emulsifying systems, emulsifiers and product structure stabilizers.

The research and production enterprise Elektrogazokhim is a well-known manufacturer of food surface-active substances on the market. On its own science and technology base, there are developed and produced high-quality products in a volume sufficient for the needs of domestic food enterprises.

Modern technologies and equipment, high-quality vegetable-based raw materials, constant control of technological processes enable the company to manufacture the products that adequately compete with imported analogs in terms of quality indicators.

The production is certified according to the international standards FSSC 22000, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. For the oil-and-fat industry, the research and production enterprise Elektrogazokhim (TM “EGH Ingredients”) produces both separate emulsifiers “Ester A”, “Esterin STS”, groups of emulsifiers “Ester P” and structure stabilizers “Ester T”, as well as complex emulsifying systems such as pastes “Ester M”, defoaming agents, crystallizing agents, etc.

The emulsifiers belonging to “Ester-P” (E 475) group present a mixture of polyglycerol esters and fatty acids. They are made dry, paste-like and/or liquid. They are meant for the preparation of spread, margarine, sour cream, curd and condensed milk-containing products. They increase plasticity, create a shiny, glossy consistency. They maintain bounded fat with water, prevent the formation of toppiness, retard the oxidation processes in the course of the storage.

A new development — “Ester P 02”emulsifier. It is used in the production of spread, vegetable-cream and milk-vegetable pastes, and other milk-containing products. Products containing this emulsifier have a good absorbing capacity of sugar syrup (up to 300%) and are used in the production of fatty materials for cream products. A shape-stability of the whisked product at room temperature is more than 72 hours.

“Ester T” consistency improvers are a mixture of triglycerides, which are made in the form of a powder of different fractional composition or granules. They increase the strength of the crystal lattice; contribute to the content of low-melting fat fractions, which enables to increase the heat resistance of fat products in the summer. They are used in the production of spread, margarine, and other milk-containing products. They are also added to increase the hardness when packing products on the production lines of spread and margarine by converting high-fat cream at the advanced temperature production conditions.

“PGPR” emulsifiers, i.e. polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR, E 476), are esters of polyglycerol and mutually esterified ricinoleic acids of vegetable origin.

The enterprise produces three types of polyglycerol polyricinoleate: “PGPR 01” and “PGPR 03” are designed for low-fat kinds of spread, oil pastes, spreading and various types of margarine, ensuring the stability of emulsions.

For the dairy and oil-and-fat industry, there has been developed an exclusive “PGPR 02” emulsifier, which is used in the production of spread and margarine in the case of simultaneous availability of cleavable and layered consistency in them, as well as to make the finished product more plastic at sufficiently low temperatures.

In the food industry, the combination of emulsifiers is more effective due to the optimal ratio of the components in the composition and the synergistic effect in a caseof their interaction. Thus, for the spread in the spring-summer season there is used a composition of “Ester-P” emulsifier and “Ester T 05” improvers, and in the autumn-winter season there is used solid “Ester-P” or “Ester-P 02”in combination with “PGPR 02”.

For the production of wafers, there should be used a solid “Ester P” emulsifier and “Ester T 05”improver, — 0.3-0.5% by weight of flour. The use of such a system reduces the costs of egg products, improves adhesive properties of waffle products, reduces the amount of scrap, wafers acquire the necessary strength and crunch well.

In the production of chocolate masses and chocolate glazes, “PGPR 03” proved to be very useful, the use of which together with lecithin enables to reduce the consumption of cocoa butter. Lecithin is required in the amount of 0.1%, and “PGPR 03” — 0.15% of the chocolate mass. Since the chocolate glaze must be more viscous than the chocolate mass, the dosage of “PGPR 03”is increased to 0.3-0.5% of the glaze mass. At the same time, the glaze fluidity is provided. The coating of the products becomes uniform and shiny.

 “EsterinSTS” emulsifier (sorbate tristearate, E 476) at a dosage of 0.6-0.8% is recommended to prevent a fat bloom of products.

To improve the quality of fat products in the course of storage, the research and production enterprise Elektrogazokhim produces antioxidants “Esterin AO”, which retard oxidation of fats. They are used in the production of fat products, milk fat replacers, spread, pastes, margarine, mayonnaise, confectionery products, snack group products, flakes etc.

The leading scientists of the research and production enterprise Elektrogazokhim are constantly developing new types of auxiliary substances and successfully introduce them into production.

EGH Ingredients,



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